A way forward?

al-Salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh

Jamal al-Din al-Afghani studied the relationship between the Arabic language and the strength of the Muslim Ummah, and among the conclusions he reached was:

"The Turks overlooked a vital matter; the adoption of the Arabic language as their state language. Had the Ottoman Empire adopted Arabic as its official language and strove to Arabicize the tongues of the Turks, it would have been impregnable. But instead, it did the opposite and tried to Turkicise the Arabs which turned out to be a regretable policy and misjudged move. Arabicization would have removed the nationalistic feuds from the two nations [and united and strengthened them]…" [1]

[1] For more information, refer back to al-A'maal al-Kaamilah by Jamal al-Din al-Afghani.


2 responses to “A way forward?

  1. Yaser Al-Hotaki

    Where did you get Jamal al-Din’s book? Because I’ve never heard of that one and I heard he only had two books, one as a refutation of Materialists in India and the other was a History of Afghanistan. I have been interested in this character in history as he seems to appear and disappear in a lot of places.

  2. The full title of this book is al-A’maal al-Kaamilah, al-Juz’ al-Thaani : al-Kitaabaat al-Siyaasiyyah. I can’t find the first Juz’, and I don’t know what its contents are, but this book is divided into chapters:

    1) ‘An al-Sharq wa al-Islam
    2) ‘An al-Isti’maar
    3) ‘An Misr
    4) ‘An Misr wa al-Sudaan
    5) ‘An Faaris wa al-Afghan
    6) ‘An al-Hind
    7) ‘An al-Arman
    8) ‘An al-‘Uroobah
    9) ‘An al-Shooraa wa al-Dimuqratiyyah
    10) ‘An al-‘Urwah al-Wuthqaa.

    It was published by: al-Mu’assasah al-‘Arabiyyah li al-Diraasaat wa al-Nashr in Beirut, 1981. I can provide you the full postal address if you wish.

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