al-Salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh,

Updates to the site may continue to be slow coming for the next month or so until further notice.

Jazaakum Allaahu khayran for your patience.

Edited: 28/06/06

23 responses to “Updates

  1. As-salaamu ‘alaikum

    Sorry because this is completely off topic.

    How do you get wordpress to enclose a coloured box around quotes (e.g. when you quote ayat from the Qur’aan)?

    JazaakAllaahu khayra

  2. Assalamu 3alaikum,

    That depends on the theme you are using. Some quotes appear in a colored boxes, while others may not. I don’t think you can customize it without changing the theme (perhaps if you know some programming Allah knows best)

    Please keep me in your du’a.

    Assalamu 3alaikum

  3. JazaakAllaahu khayran

    Yes, you’re right it was dependent on the theme. I’ve managed to change it now alhamdulillah, baarakAllahu feek.

    Arabic gems, not to digress from the initial post… how much arabic do you want the contributors to know? What will be sufficient?

  4. It’s a pitty you don’t have tha much time any more, because usually the posts were what they promised to be: Arabic Gems. I would love to contribute but I lack your skills and knowledge in classical or Qur’anic (or for that part Modern) Arabic. Don’t worry about the frequency of the posts that much, it’s better for us to read a gem-like post once in a while rather than reading ordinary stuff often.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Yes, I agree with him as well. I don’t mind a slow number of posts, I got a feed thingy just for this site, because no matter what I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve read. Jazakallah Khairan again, even for the lack of post this time!

    مع السلامة

  6. arabic gems rocks…it’s actually a reference point for me now… =)…

  7. wa ‘alaykum al-Salaam,

    billo, Jazaakum Allaahu khayran for answering fajr.

    fajr, enough to be able to post the kind of posts we have on the site.

    baykal, yaser, sleeplesslonging: Jazaakum Allaahu khayran for your support. In shaa’ Allaah things should be back to normal within 2-3 more weeks.

    Thank you to all for your patience.

  8. Salamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    Hope you are well akhi. I was wondering if you’ve read any of Imam Suyutis works on the arabic language, and what you think of his style and how hard his books are to read – especially this one: http://www.neelwafurat.com/itempage.aspx?id=lbb79505-39978&search=books

    Jazakamullahu khairan,

  9. aslamu alaikum wa rahmatallah

    so when is arabicgems gonna resume???

    I miss reading the stuff…it’s really interesting and also increases what little knowledge i have of arabic

  10. al-Salaamu ‘alaykum,

    Yusuf, that book is a masterpiece covering many different issues. It can be a little difficult to understand dependant on one’s knowledge of technical terms and the subject matter covered. I would advise you to perhaps download some of al-Suyuti’s work that is available on the net and see how you find it to read. If you think it is okay, then that book is an excellent purchase.

    sleeplesslonging, there are a few small issues in terms of time and contributors that we are trying to resolve at the moment. We hope in shaa’ Allaah that the entries will resume once it has been sorted out. Jazaakum Allaahu khayran for your patience and understanding.

  11. Salamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    Jazakamullahu khairan akhi, wish you the best.


  12. Yes akhi, please continue posting!

  13. Asalaam alaikum,

    I will insha’Allah be going to Malaysia next month for about a month insha’Allah. Can someone (anyone?) give me information on masjids, places to buy books, and any other useful information. I will be staying at the Sunway resort.


  14. Salam

    nice site with good stuff here 🙂

    jazakallahu khayran katheera

    im from malaysia, what call i help u?

  15. wasalaam,

    Wardatul-Syauki, I’ll insha’Allah contact you through email once I know for certain when I’m going to Malaysia and the address of the hotel. There is supposedly some lagoon and some big mall next to it.

  16. Friends, اسلام و علیکم و رحمت اللہ

    I have only recently started learning the Arabic language (classical, Qurani Arabic). I am hoping, inshALLAH, that I will be able to benfit from this site.

    Now, I am having trouble getting the concept of the language! I am not even sure if there is such a thing as a ‘concept of a language’ but this place seems to be the right place to be asking this sort of question, I hope you understand.

    For example, isn’t cases usually for verbs only? I can convert a the ‘munsarif’ nouns to all of their thirty-six forms, yes, but I draw a blank as to why would anyone use it and where, I have tried, faintly though, to find nouns used in different cases in the Mighty Quran. I was hoping you could provide me with any guidance, that will be highly appreciated!

    And yes, which font-type do you use that lets you use ‘harkaats’ and ‘airaabs’? 🙂

    Again great site, and yes I know, this is a long comment….
    just a tad bit excited at seeing such a well-directed website, that’s all, credit to you mashALLAH.


  17. al-Salaamu ‘alaykum,

    I apologise for the long absence.

    Ibrahim, in shaa’ Allaah posting will resume in due course.

    Momekh, wa ‘alaykum al-salaam. For lack of time I refer you to read the following links for explanations of inflection in language. If you still have questions on it after reading them, please ask again in shaa’ Allaah:


    I noticed from your site that you live in Pakistan. I would suggest to you that case inflection of nouns also occurs in the Urdu language; compare the difference times, for example, لڑکا / ləɽkaː and لڑکے / ləɽkeː. Or for pronouns, میں / maiⁿ, مجھے / mujʰe, -مجھ / mujʰ- and میرا / merā.

    We use the standard Arabic font on the site. To access the harakaat, press shift+q for ََ , shift+w for ً , shift+e for ُ, shift+r for ٌ , shift+a for ِ , shift+s for
    ٍ , shift+` for ّ , and shift+c for ْ .

    May Allaah grant you success in your studies. Ameen.

    wa al-Salaamu ‘alaykum.

  18. aslamu alaikum….soo this blog is gettin’ back on track, insha Allah????

    can’t wait……….

  19. AssalaamAIaikum

    I just left a message on the ‘Get in touch’ form asking for some info..and I come back to find my name up on the ‘Latest Comments’ box. What’s the deal with that? Can it be removed?

  20. Wa ‘alaykum al-Salaam,

    sleeplesslonging, in shaa’ Allaah in time.

    Z, your comment appeared because the box under the ‘Get in touch’ page is not an email form, rather it is a regular comments box like the one you write in on any normal post.

    I have removed your message, and will reply with a list in shaa’ Allaah in a coming post.

  21. Is there any website which teach Arabic via online one to one classes as we do .

  22. Excellent work…

    May allah reward you for this

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